Fixed Wing Training

Fixed Wing Training

The National Pilots Licence (NPL) is ideal for recreational pilots.

While you are limited to flying aircraft in the Light Sport Aircraft category (600kg), it is the most affordable way to fly a fixed wing aircraft.

A great way to to experience being a pilot is to book a 30 min intro flight.

The training will be conducted by Ballito Microlight School cc, ATO RAA 0111, based at Ballito Microlight Airfield within the King Shaka International CTR.

Requirements for LSA is a minimum of 35 hours training, however allow for an additional 10 hours for budgeting purposes. (This is an average based on previous student’s experiences)

Ballito Microlight School cc is a designated exam centre and all exams will be written on site. 

Aircraft Training Type: Evektor Sportstar Max

National Pilots Licence LSA
Light Sport Aircraft
Minimum Age
16 Years Student Pilot Licence Complete at 17 years old
Hours Required (Dual)
Hours Required (Solo)
Principles of Flight
Aviation Law
Air Navigation
Aviation Meteorology
Engines & Airframes
Human Performance
Type Specific
Radio Licence
Restricted Radio
Class 4
General Skills Test