Microlights and microlight flights in Ballito, North Coast

Flying School


Ballito Microlight School cc (CAA0111) was established in 1997 as a
Full Time Training Facility. 

The school is run by a dedicated team of professionals who have accumulated over 10 000 instructional flying hours and produced over 350 skilled pilots. Our Training syllabus has been formulated by the Microlight Section of the Aero Club of South African and approved by the Commissioner for Civil Aviation.

We offer training in all categories of Microlights

· Weight Shift Controlled Microlights (WCM) Trikes 
· Conventional Controlled Microlights (CCM) 450kgs mauw
· Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) 600kg mauw

We also offer the following supplementary training

· Instructors rating (7-10 Days)
· Advanced flying course (2 Days)
· This includes recovery from unusual attitudes
· Emergency situations
· Short field, soft field, sloped landings & take offs
· Formation flying

Licence Requirements

Mobile: 082 659 5550 • e-mail: